Say Hello to Brian Cone, Captain of the Contagious

In the Florida Keys, Captain Brian Cone has gained a reputation as the hot hand when it comes to hunting dolphin and many other offshore species. When you fish on the Contagious you not only catch fish, but you learn a whole lot about Cone's techniques and what makes him so good as an expert at finding the fish. His passion and intensity for fishing and his easy way with customers, young and old, will surely make your day on the water a memory you will never forget!

Captain Brian was raised in the Keys exploring the ocean since he was just a little tyke. After graduating from college, Brian couldn't wait to get back to the Florida Keys and his real love - fishing! As a kid, he got to know many of the local captains who knew how to go that extra mile and come back with record-book catches. Cone learned well from them. Now, still, in his early 40s, he's the one that fishermen young and old love to listen to! His early times spent on the ocean gave him a special understanding and love of the water and turned a passion into a very rewarding career.

Cone has been featured on ESPN and in many fishing publications, including Saltwater Sportsman, Center Console, and Men's Journal. Ever since he was a young teenager, with frequency Cone's name has been found at the top of the leaderboard at local fishing tournaments.

Book a trip with Brian on the Contagious! You are sure to have a great day on the water.

Email Brian: [email protected] or phone 305-481-7689 and learn more!

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